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Digital Marketing / SEM - 1 year ago

Should PPC agencies be scared of automation?

I’m sure many of us working in PPC (or across the wider digital spectrum) have been asked at least a handful of times in recent months, “Should we be worried about automation?” I’ve heard it from clients, and even prospective job candida...

Digital Marketing / SEM - 1 year ago

3 free AdWords testing tools to adopt today

As advertisers, we can’t afford to ignore data in our decision-making. Since you probably just sighed a little bit or rolled your eyes at that sentence, here are four facts that reveal why ignoring data is like ignoring the fact that you are c...

Digital Marketing / SEM - 1 year ago

Should you bother rewriting your ads?

When it comes to paid search, there is a lot to optimize. Amidst all of the keywords, bidding and landing page refinements you have to do on a regular basis, it can be easy to wonder, “Does my ad copy actually make a difference?” To make...