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Digital Marketing / SEM - 23 hours ago

How important is Google Shopping for retailers?

Columnist Andy Taylor shares his views on the recent European Commission antitrust ruling against Google and how this might impact retailers that rely on Google Shopping for sales. The post How important is Google Shopping for retailers? appeared fi...

Digital Marketing / SEM - 1 day ago

Developing YOUR audience targeting strategy

We all know that remarketing is a powerful tool for connecting (and reconnecting) with online audiences — especially those customers that come close to converting, then change their minds. But there is much more to remarketing than abandoned s...

Digital Marketing / SEM - 1 week ago

Breaking down silos in e-commerce retail

In general, e-commerce retail can be thought of in three main parts: customer acquisition, conversion and retention/measurement. Customer acquisition is what the majority of digital marketers are concerned with. It’s all the different product adver...