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Digital Marketing / Paid - 22 hours ago

Quora launches retargeting for advertisers

Quora’s newly launched ads platform now supports retargeting ads on the question-and-answer network. It was announced Thursday that Quora advertisers can now create audience segments of past site visitors for ad targeting on Quora. The targeti...

Digital Marketing / Paid - 2 weeks ago

7 Quora ads mistakes and how to avoid them

Quora has made a big push to pique the interest of advertisers. While they’re better known as the network for asking questions and connecting with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers, they’re now shifting to monetize the network...

Digital Marketing / Paid - 1 month ago

The 7 rules of respectful marketing

Consumers are in open rebellion about how they’re disrespectfully treated by your marketing. Millions now use ad blockers to escape the relentless barrage of online ads, resulting in 32 percent of global page views being impacted by ad blocking. And...