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Digital Marketing / Email - 1 week ago

Which Doctype Should I Use in HTML Email?

Article first published on November 15, 2010, updated in May 2019 As more people are beginning to dive into the world of digital marketing, understanding HTML email and what goes into creating an email that is suitable for them and those on their ema...

Digital Marketing / Email - 1 week ago

How to Repair a Bad Email Sending Reputation

Article first published in July 2016, updated May 2019 As an email marketer, you know that successfully delivering an email campaign and seeing a strong ROI is not as simple as pressing “send” and hoping for the best. The success of your email campai...

Digital Marketing / Email - 3 weeks ago

Using Web Fonts in Email

Article first published in December 2012, updated April 2019 Web fonts on websites give designers undeniably better creative options. The use of unique, compelling typography reflects the brand identity of the website. Web fonts add support for fonts...