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Digital Marketing / Analytics - 1 year ago

Throw a party with your advertising data

Acquiring new customers is a lot like throwing a house party. You want to invite as many people as possible, but you want to invite the right people — not the ones who will never show up (or who will show, but you’ll wish they didn’t). In this...

Digital Marketing / Analytics - 1 year ago

The age of analytics democratization

For the greater part of the modern era, data in organizations has only been readily available to two privileged groups: executives who rely upon data to run the business, and data analysts who gather, analyze and report the numbers to management. No...

Digital Marketing / Analytics - 1 year ago

Put your value proposition to the test

When optimizing a website, one of the best places to start is the value proposition. This is the combination of words and images that tell your visitors why they are in the right place and why they should continue exploring on your site. The value p...