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Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 year ago

5 Tips To Make A Mobile Friendly Website

There are chances you would have missed the latest algorithm update from Google. On April 21, 2015, Google launched a superb update of an algorithm that is named as “Mobilegeddon” by web developers and web designers. Its main motto is to punish websi...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 year ago

On Design Systems: Dan Mall of Superfriendly

We sat down with Dan Mall of Superfriendly to explore his best practices from design systems projects with startups and corporations.Check out the full interview recording and transcript below.[embedded content]To learn more about the benefits and pr...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 year ago

The Persona of a Great Design Leader

It’s been seven years since I was a design leader for the very first time. Like most first time managers, I wanted it really badly. I wanted to grow the importance of design in the organization. I wanted to build a super star team. I wanted to serve...