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Design & Dev / Web Design - 11 hours ago

Weekly News for Designers № 438

The Grumpy Designer’s Summer Survival Guide – Why GDPR, Gutenberg and Google are making this summer a doozy. Fluent Kit – A Fluent Design library that is built on top frameworks. A fish in your ear – How Google tweaked their Translate app to bette...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 day ago

Service Worker Cookbook

I stumbled upon this site the other day from Mozilla that’s a collection of recipes to get started with a Service Worker — from caching strategies and notifications to providing an offline fallback to your users, this little cookbook has it all...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 day ago

How to design a bitcoin UX

Cryptocurrency isn't typically the most accessible of industries. Those in the know are happy to get involved, but for the general public, the likes of Bitcoin and Etherium still seem futuristic and mysterious. As their popularity continues to s...