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Lack of overall strategy and clear definition of success
Most people realize the need for a site, but don’t understand what it can/should do for the company. And when they do have a goal, they don’t measure it. We’ll often ask people, “What are the objectives of your site?” Answers vary from “the site is supposed to provide information about our company and products”, or “the site is supposed to effectively convey our brand to our audience”. In actuality, those are very rarely the true objectives, but rather the means to accomplish one’s objectives. A website’s objectives will in most cases be to drive revenue or generate qualified leads.

No integration with other marketing activities the website is often on an island
Okay, so you have your URL on your stationary, collateral, etc. But very rarely is a website tightly integrated with other marketing activities such as direct mail and print advertising. Ideally, a company will drive prospects to specific URL’s to accept an appealing offer that might have been presented in a direct mailer or advertisement.

No Search Engine Positioning (SEO)

In addition to the above point, very few companies like write my essay online have invested the proper time or effort

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