Bidirectional Scrolling is here to save Responsive Design

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This article is about a simple question with a surprisingly complex answer.

The Question

It’s Monday afternoon and the air is starting to feel stuffy in our meeting room. We are standing in front of 20 marketing professionals, all of them representatives of individual countries of an international non profit organisation. We just finished presenting our new UX approach for their global website relaunch.

“What are you going to do about the scrolling problem?”

This question got us by surprise.

“The ‘scrolling problem’?” — We asked

After some discussion the ‘scrolling problem’ our customer was referring to turned out to be the length of their current mobile site. The need to scroll more on mobile than on desktop was seen as a flaw that needed to be fixed.

“Our mobile site is just getting way to long”

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You need to scroll further on mobile than on desktop to reach the same spot on a page

So — Do we need to ‘fix’ scrolling?

Scrolling doesn’t need to be fixed

Seeing scrolling as a problem goes hand in hand with the much discussed ‘above the fold’ argument, the urge to place everything important in the initially visible area of a page. There are many interesting articles and UX studies about the topic, I’m going to link just

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