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Once upon a time, you used to distribute pamphlets and posters of your product. Then you moved towards advertising on radio and television. That time is long gone. Today, the biggest scope of marketing lies in the place where people spend their most time at- online. Digital and online marketing is the future of marketing, and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. But this is definitely not everyone's cup of tea.

For successful marketing, a good marketing strategy is required. Marketing tools form an important part of this strategy. But, which ones to choose from the vast array of choices? Well, here are our personal favorites that would simplify your business.

1) BuzzSumo

Content marketing is emerging as a very innovative marketing strategy, where online content is created that does not outright promote a brand but does generate enough interest in it. Even though companies are increasing their content marketing budget, it is best to use it wisely. BuzzSumo is an amazing tool that simply asks for a keyword and gives out a detailed report regarding the response previous content on that keyword had. It is free, simple to use and very effective in the long run.

2) Buffer

Social media marketing is yet another highly successful way of digital marketing that has caught the interest of entrepreneurs. However, with the steady increase in social media sites and the division on customers among them, it is quite hard to engage everyone into your product. Buffer aims to solve precisely that problem.

Buffer allows you to link multiple social media accounts at one place. This then allows you to create a unified dashboard for content, schedule your posts and monitor the response.

3) Ducksboard

Analytics is playing a major role in every form of business, and marketing is not untouched by it. There is simply a large amount of information that needs to be processed in order to answer the right questions: Are my promotional emails getting unsubscribed? What has been the hit on my website? How many times my product was searched on the web? Thankfully, Ducksboard simplifies these things for you.

The tool provides a single dashboard containing all the relevant information about your marketing strategy, in real time. The answer to these crucial questions goes a long way in determining your marketing strategy.

4) All in One SEO Pack

Search engine Optimization is one of the most sought after marketing technique today and rightly so. Search engines are the primary source via which potential customers know about your product, thus optimizing your website in order to be visible to users is a great strategy. If you are using WordPress-based websites, All in One SEO Pack is just the right tool for you. Even though the advanced features of this tool are exciting, it is the simplicity of using this tool that makes it such an amazing tool. Additionally, it is also a rewording tool that could help your content escape from plagiarism checkers.

5) Picreel

Getting users to your website is simple enough; making them stay takes efforts. Most of the visitors to a website never get converted into customers. To solve this issue, Picreel is an excellent tool. Picreel optimizes your website in a way that helps to capture potential customers, which would only lead to the growth of your business.

6) Tropical

Data is the new currency in today's world, which is why every business tries to capture it from one source or the other. However, this unstructured data is largely useless to you. To change the situation, Tropical emerges as an excellent alternative. Tropical allows you to combine your data from various sources- including CRM and mailing lists- and consolidate it to create full-fledged customer profiles.

7) SEMrush

Like we said earlier, data is the new currency- the more you have it, the better. SEMrush specializes in this, with a large number of tools in its arsenal, including search engine optimization, social media analysis and much more.
SEMrush does one thing that surprisingly not many tools thought about- giving you details about the competition. Knowing your opponent sure helps to get ahead of him. Also, SEMrush gives you a detailed insight about the top organic keywords in a much better format than most other SEO tools. With an inbuilt article rewriter, utilizing these keywords is a piece of cake. Clearly one of the better tools out there.

8) SurveyMonkey

Surveys are an often neglected but quite an impressive method for marketing. Surveys serve as a way to legally gain customer information, customers preferences and the trends in the market. As such, SurveyMonkey is quite a capable tool that utilizes the complete power of surveying. In just a few simple steps, you could create a survey of your own and later analyze the results to form your marketing strategy.

9) MailChimp

Among all the marketing method we discussed so far, none comes close to the influence of email marketing. With a surprisingly simple process, email marketing provides a personal space where you could promote your product to your customer, as opposed to social media where you will have to intrude upon your customer in order to promote yourself.
MailChimp is a remarkable tool because it simplifies this process even further. Right from creating mailing lists to establishing a bond between yourself and the customer, MailChimp does all that with much elegance.

10) Google Analytics

Like we said earlier, analytics is a very powerful tool and one people are only recently realizing the potential of. One of the most tried-and-tested analytics tools is Google analytics.
Google analytics gives you as many insights as you could hope for a free service. The tool gives you details about the visitors on your sites, how many of them converted into customers, what was the most viewed product and how was the search trend. All these can contribute heavily in deciding your marketing strategy.

11) HubSpot

The best tools are those that provide maximum features, thereby reducing the need to look for other solutions. HubSpot is one of those tools. Whether it is sales, marketing or CRM- HubSpot has something for everyone. Even if you are only interested in marketing, HubSpot solves an array of problems for you, including landing pages, SEO, call-to-action, lead management, rephrasing sentences and marketing automation. All of this, absolutely free of cost.

12) Trello

Internal communication is important within any team, and marketing team is not any different. There is a requirement of coordination and synchronization among the team, which might maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. As such, Trello is an excellent tool for that.
Trello is not an inclusive social media, as you might believe from the first impression. Its aim is not just to connect people, but make them work in perfect harmony. You can share the posts you are going to publish, new ideas that you have thought about and check on upon how your team is working.

13) HootSuite

HootSuite is another tool that has realized the potential of social media marketing and thus aims to simplify things for users. Not only does HootSuite provides a unified platform for managing multiple social media accounts, it goes ahead to obtain “complete management”. This means you can reply to individual comments on any account without needing to visit it or use pre-formulated responses to be used as for generic actions.

14) Crazy Egg
Website issues are usually one of the biggest reasons why users do not get converted into customers. Unfortunately, you are unable to notice these issues until someone points it out o you, and it is usually quite late by then. Well, this is why Crazy Egg is quite a useful tool.
Crazy Egg identifies any faults within the website and brings it to your notice. In most cases, it also provides you with the required IT help to solve the issue. Quite useful if you are someone who does not want to be stuck with the IT department.