Ad blocking, retail sales, ad saturation: 5 killer stats to start your week


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killer stats

1. Better weather puts spring in high street footfall

Mild March weather helped boost shopper numbers, with footfall increasing 1.4% year on year, compared to a 6% fall last year when shoppers were deterred by the ‘Beast from the East’.

High street footfall increased 2.5% over the five weeks& between 24 February and 20 March, a marked change from the 8.6% decline for the same period last year.

Retail park footfall was up 1.5%, while shopping centre footfall entered its 24th month of consecutive decline, down 1%.

However, higher footfall does not appear to have translated into higher spending, with consumers “in the midst of a no-splurge culture”. Retail sales were down by 0.5% in March, compared to an increase of 2.3% a year ago (although this included Easter).

Source: British Retail Consortium

2. Ad saturation and over-targeting putting marketing industry at risk

killer stats

Brands are treading an increasingly fine line between advertising that is relevant and advertising that over-targets, with bombardment causing consumers to become ever more mistrustful and fed up with online advertising.

More than half (54%) of UK consumers object to being targeted based on their past online activity and 55% are completely apathetic towards advertising content. Meanwhile, 70% of consumers say they see the same

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