8 Tips for Designing Product Pages That Convert

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There are many strategies to increase conversion rates on e-commerce sites. One of the most effective is to design a converting product page.

Developing high-quality pages that make your products look enticing to the target audience can be extremely rewarding. Use the following eight tips to improve your existing pages.

Place Plenty of Listings on One Page

Consumers love scrolling through products and seeing all the opportunities. Too many online product pages contain just a few items, which can be frustrating for visitors.

So you should put many listings on each page, like this product page for new and used yachts. Visitors can click on a product that catches their eye in order to get more information, but the long scroll eliminates some of the frustration of having to download one brief product page after another.

Optimize the Buyer’s Journey

One of the best ways to take a website visitor to the customer stage is to create a clear buyer journey for people to follow. HubSpot identified Bellroy, a company that sells wallets, as a great example of a company that outlines a clear buyer journey.

“Bellroy divided its product page into three stages of the buyer’s journey — understanding the problem, how to fix the problem,

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