3 ways to optimize your visual strategy with Instagram and Pinterest


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If a strong visual strategy is key to your business, it’s likely that you’ve spent countless hours – or dollars – designing perfect image after perfect image. It’s no secret that creating high-quality content is time-consuming and costly, which means that the pressure is constantly on to maximize engagement, optimize distribution and deliver ROI with each image you share.

And when it comes to social, timing is of the essence. In addition to finding the right image, you have to effectively caption, hashtag, and target to the proper audiences. To save you some time when executing your visual strategy on Instagram and Pinterest, Sprout has invested in a variety of simple tools that will help you streamline content curation, increase reach on your posts – and most importantly, extend the life cycle of your posts.

Streamline content curation and publishing

When it comes to text-based content like blogs, many social teams tap into third-party content to capture the full breadth of their digital strategy. Curating and highlighting content from other notable publications or blogs is a reliable way to promote your brand, form partnerships with similar brands and deepen community trust.

Leveraging third-party content should also play a part in your visual strategy. That’s

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