3 ways consumer shopping is changing in 2019


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One year ago, I wrote how survey data showed that consumer preferences around more images, receptiveness to personalization, and trust in retailers presented unique challenges and opportunities for brands to succeed. After conducting a similar survey one year later, the desires of consumers around the online shopping experience have grown once again, and noticeably so. For brands, the battle to capture consumer purchases online, and outflank competitors, has risen in intensity and requires more active management of their product pages across retail channels.

Below are aspects what digital shelf brands need to address to seize market share in 2019. The data is based on a January 2019 survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers who bought something online at least once in 2018.

1. Consumers now want 5-8 images, 2-5 videos

Just three short years ago, the average consumer was looking for three images per product when shopping online. Now, that number has doubled, along with shoppers expecting multiple videos on the product page – a media format consumers didn’t really have on their radar screen when shopping back in 2016.

Younger consumers are particularly hungrier for rich media content when shopping, but older consumer groups are not far behind.

These consumer expectations are especially glaring

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