14 quick ways to improve your art in 2019

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There are many aspects to consider when tackling a painting, both technical and fundamental. What I don’t often hear about are the minor tactics that help elevate the art-making. In this workshop I’ll focus on techniques that aren’t emphasised, particularly ones pertaining to works made with acrylics and coloured pencil. Having an understanding of the basics is important, but it’s the tiny nuances that will distinguish your work.

I’ve been working professionally as a freelance artist for about a decade now, and I’d like to share with you the essential tidbits I’ve learned along the way, including how I capture the natural glow of skin with acrylic glazing and wax-based pencils. 

In addition to sharing my painting techniques, I’ll explain what to do once a painting has been completed. Finding suitable frames and scanners are key components in preserving your art for the years to come. Every artist has their personal art-making tactics that they develop over their years of experience, so keep making art, learn, grow, grow some more, share what you’ve learned, and keep the inspiration cycle going for others.

01. Focus on the outline

woman's face with a tattoo on it

Try outlining in a colour other than black

A common mistake that people learning how to draw make

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