12 pretty fonts to glam up your projects

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We all know that pretty things are hard to resist, and that applies to typography as much as it does to ceramics or cakes. To make sure your next piece of work wins people over with its adorable aesthetics, check out these 12 pretty fonts. 

There's something here for a range of budgets, so hopefully you'll be able to find the ideal font for your work. If you're looking solely for free fonts, however, then don't miss our list of the best free fonts.

01. Viva Beautiful

Pretty fonts: Viva Beautiful

Make the most of Viva Beautiful's alternates and ligatures for a hand-painted vibe

Format: OTF, TT

Starting off our list of pretty fonts is Viva Beautiful, a hand-painted brush script. It's available in two script styles (Regular or B) and an all caps font, and both scripts come in a basic or pro version. The pro versions include OpenType alternates and common ligatures that you can use to give your work a realistic hand-drawn look, and the entire set is designed with fashion, beauty products, food, apparel and magazines in mind; get the whole set now for £61.48.

02. Quiche Sans

Pretty fonts: Quiche Sans

Quiche Sans is based on serif didone fonts, but without the serifs

Format: OTF

We love the look of Adam Ladd's

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